Listing a Property

Listing a Property

Tips on how to list your property


Not only do you want to sell your property at the best price you can, you probably want to sell it as quickly as possible as well.  Following a few tips and tricks of the real estate industry can help you get your property out there to potential buyers and present it in the best possible light, resulting in the sale that you are looking for.

Before you Start : Know your Property

Be knowledgeable about your property.  Some home buyers will want more information than others, so be prepared.  Brush up on the history of your property, liens, zoning regulations, recent tax assessment and future plans for the area.  Educate yourself about the local schools and proximity to transportation and other public services.  Better yet, include these details in your listing.

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Before you Start : Know your Competition

Educate yourself on other properties listed in your area.  Find out the prices, types of sale, and the condition of other properties that yours will be listing alongside.  If you can, it’s helpful to visit these other properties yourself, as potential buyers will also likely be visiting these properties as well as yours.  How does your property compare?  Does anything strike you that you can do to make your property stand out?

Maximizing the Online Listing

These days, it’s likely that the first introduction of your home to the buyer will be through online listings.  So nailing a good online listing is a key step to selling your home.

Make your listing stand out.  There are a lot of real estate listing out there and you want yours to stand out.  Instead of creating a text of boring facts, insert your own voice and include truly unique features of your property.  You can include lovely details of what it’s like to live there, and highlight benefits of the surrounding neighbourhood.  Lots of parks?  Great coffee shops nearby?  Include it all.

Photos photos photos.  Humans are visual creatures and your property photos can make or break the success of your property listing.  If at all possible, hire a professional and avoid snapping pictures with your smartphone.  Not only is the quality of the photos important, the quantity may be as well.  Research shows that listings featuring 6 or more pictures were twice as likely to be contacted for a viewing than those with less than 6 pictures.

Don’t discount the video either.  A quality walk-though tour of your home by video can do wonders to increase the interest in your property.


Help your property listing stand out by out competing other listings in condition.  Get as many needed repairs done to your home prior to listing, and include this fact in your listing.  Have your home inspected for pests.  Prior to showing your home, ensure that you’ve fixed all the little nicks and scratches in the paint and banisters, and replaced any lighting that does not work.  A good first impression, and the ability to state the need for minimal work on the home post-purchase is a great selling point.


Most home owners focus on the house itself in their listing.  Remember the exterior.  Not only is it the first impression potential buyers have of your property, a well kept exterior demonstrates that the home has been cared for on the inside as well.  It may be worth staging a backyard patio, or a couple of cozy chairs on the veranda so potential home buyers can fantasize about lounging in the evenings, or hosting fun backyard barbeques in the summer.

Taking the time with the details of listing your property can make a world of difference to the speed and price at which your property sells.